Day one

So I experienced the first day of my new lifestyle yesterday and I still feel pretty confused and all over the place.. at the same time I am still determined and excited.

I started the morning off by waking up at 6am, this was not a struggle for me as I love being up early hours of the morning before my son as I get my own time to spend on myself before I start the day. Although I was ridiculously tired, it impacted the rest of my day positively as I was felt a little more organised. I made time for a 15-20 minute walk with my son at 7:30am before I had to leave to drop him off at daycare whilst I attended university. I noticed even just a slow stroll for a minimum amount of time had me sweating and puffing.. I really am unfit. This added to my current mood and I found myself less stressed and more relaxed than I usually am on my typical lazy days.

 I managed to drink 3 1/2 750ml bottles of water that day which surprisingly didn’t bother me either, so far do good. My cravings for fat/sugary foods were constantly on my mind and still on day two as I’m typing now.. this was expected. The one bad thing I had yesterday was a single tim tam other than that my meals contained 1x vegemite toast, 1x banana, 1x chicken breast subway,spaghetti bolognese and 1x glass of milk. This is where my “all over the place” feeling is coming from.. I have no clue what diet I should be following and still researching my options, until then Im using my common sense on what I know is right & wrong. I am aiming to have a set meal plan by week two.

To end the first day of my new lifestyle my fiance, my son and I went for another 15 -20 minute stroll, which followed by 45 minutes of my fiance training and teaching me how to lift weights (currently only 3kg per hand). I’ve seen a few YouTube documentaries and articles now about the benefits of fat loss this way if done properly. This is something I have added to my daily routine with one rest day to eat and do whatever I like.

So there it is, Day One.. a not so exciting blog post but a start.



Here I am

Hi there,

My name is Shanae, I am 20 years old and I am a mother of a 12 month old boy and expecting my daughter late April 2016. I am a nursing student only attending university one day a week and a stay-at-home mummy for the rest of the week.  I will be using this blog to record my journey for motivational purposes and hope to find others on a similar path or supporters that can share this journey and keep me motivated in any way possible. I currently weigh 94 kg and my goal weight is a healthy 65 kg.

Since becoming a mother I have found myself lacking energy and interest which has began to effect myself physically and mentally. Before my first child I would average on a size of 12-14 in clothing, after my son was born I averaged on a size 16, and now? A very embarrassing and unhealthy size 18. I haven’t been the type of person to get emotionally effected over weight gain but now with my second child on the way I feel its my duty to be a “fit mum”, someone who has the energy to run around and play with their children and someone who gives a good example of well being, confidence and goal achievement.

I have no current food/fitness plan as of yet, but I have recently signed up to to educate myself on how I will go about this weight loss journey. I would be happy for anyone to share with me any of their own health tips or advice throughout my journey. The few changes I will start immediately with until I have found the perfect health plan will be the following:

  • Drink 2L of water everyday, cutting out all sugary drinks entirely
  • Get at least 8-9 hours of sleep per night
  • Wake up earlier, between 6:00am-6.30am
  • Take my son on a morning walk first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon
  • Aim for 1-2 raw salads every day

Well that’s all I have for my first blog and introduction for now, feel free to comment or ask any questions. I hope you can join me on this new exciting adventure.

Wish me luck xoxo12033013_799502556837868_7942046155958231898_n